The innovative Waterproofing system for concrete construction


SCHOMBURG offers a full system to waterproof concrete construction. The system includes crystalline admixtures which protect the concrete from corrosion even in unfavorable climatic zones. Cracks are proven to heal through crystallization.

This innovative 2-in-1 technology, which is available in powder and liquid form, makes the additive powerful. Furthermore we provide solutions for construction joints, movement joints, and pipe penetrations.

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BETOCRETE-C – The crystalline concrete waterproofing system

Join us on our tour into the world of concrete construction.
See how a waterproof concrete looks like and which further waterproofing solutions are needed for your project.


  • Fast return on investment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Time saving
  • Reduces risk of failures
  • Good waterproofing performance
  • One face to the customer

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The BETOCRETE-C admixtures are added to the concrete and provide a crack healing effect and protect the concrete against environmental attacks.

Construction joints

The gaps between two layers of concrete can be often cause to leakages. The AQUAFIN-CJ series and the tape solutions provide a high level of safety and stop water.

Movement joints

When it is necessary that parts of the building are allowed to move to prevent static stress, the AQUAFIN-EJW series and the ASO-Tape series help you to design waterproof movement joints.

Pipe penetration

Another potential weakness for leakages are pipe penetrations. The AQUAFIN-PP series are readymade, cementitious coated waterproof pipe penetrations. Next to this SCHOMBURG offers others solutions.

Bonded fresh concrete membrane

SCHOMBURG also provides a bonded system for fresh concrete for hard to reach areas as well as a second layer of defense. The membrane is high flexible and prevents leakages between the concrete and the waterproofing materials.

Crystalline post applied waterproofing solutions

In case that repairs of the concrete structure are necessary SCHOMBURG offers various solutions.

BBA Certification


Concrete additive with crystalline effect and sealant


Crystalline waterproofing concrete admixture


Thermoplastic swellable waterstop tape for waterproofing of construction joints

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