Why Betocrete C?

The Betocrete C series product group is the next generation of crystalline concrete additive. It uses innovative and permanently active 2-in-1 technology with both hydrophobic and crystal forming ingredients.

Increasing the durability of concrete

The use of BETOCRETE-C products reduces water penetration by up to 80%. Independent testing institutes for concrete producers themselves show a reduction to 5 mm for water impermeable concrete formulas with a mean penetration of 25 mm.

The water vapour permeability is also lowered by a factor of approximately 10.

“Self healing” concrete

Upon every new contact with water, the active ingredients form new crystals and remain ‘permanently active’ throughout the life of the structure.

Extensive tests show that products in the BETOCRETE-C series achieve an auto-reactive, crack-healing function in outwardly spreading cracks up to 0.5 mm and continuous cracks up to 0.4 mm.

  1. Water passing through the capillaries and cracks as well as water-borne harmful materials also penetrate the structure. These materials can attack the structure of the concrete and reinforcement. In addition, the expansion of freezing water will result in spalling.
  2. The beginning of the crystallisation reaction. The passage of water and the dissolved CO2 reacts with un-hydrated cement CA(OH)2 BETOCRETE – C.
  3. Nanoscale crystals start to grow at the sides of the cracks and capillaries.
  4. When this process is complete, the whole structure of the concrete is waterproof and protected against the penetration of moisture.

General advantages

Unfavourable conditions or the subsequent settlement of a concrete structure can cause micro cracks to form beyond the desired crack width restriction. These cracks facilitate the penetration of harmful substances into the concrete.

The micro cracks and excessive capillary pore structure can cause harmful substances such as salts and chemicals to penetrate even a ‘waterproof’ concrete body. The Schomburg Betocrete-C series increases the resistance to damage through enhanced crack sealing. This results in the significant extension of the service life of the building.

In principle, the attacks of harmful substances on concrete are divided into concrete corrosion, reinforcement corrosion and alkali-silica reactions (ASR). Concrete corrosion refers to attacks on the concrete matrix that can attack the concrete and lead to minor weakening and spalling. These are mainly chemical substances, mechanical loads or freeze/thaw cycles that affect the structure. The reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures in particular requires protection. Chlorides from (sea) water or carbonation can weaken the concrete and lead to corrosion of the reinforcement. Ultimately, this weakens the component. In ASR, moisture reacts with alkaline aggregates and gels. Further water absorption causes the alkali-silica gel to expand, thus also damaging the concrete structure.

The Betocrete-C series helps to increase resistance to the penetration of harmful substances, thus at least maintaining, if not extending, the life of a structure. Here, the basis is to carry out the concrete work or the concrete with a “white tank” in order to already start with an increased concrete quality. Thus, the constructive measures and a corresponding concrete formulation already ensure a lower water penetration into the structure.

As an integral component of the concrete, the Betocrete-C series admixture is added directly during the mixing process. As soon as water enters the structure, the active ingredient reacts with the water and forms nanocrystals in cracks and capillary pores. As these grow together and form a tight matrix, less water penetrates the structure. The self-healing of the concrete is accelerated, leading to the closure of micro cracks.

As a highly durable component, the Betocrete-C series helps increase resistance to the penetration of harmful substances, thus extending the durability and life of a concrete structure.

BETOCRETE-C – The crystalline concrete waterproofing system

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