Injection resins and concrete repair

Structural waterproofing is a combination of products used together in an integrated, complimentary manner as a complete system.

Resins to repair concrete and make it waterproof

Sealing concrete construction joints or repairing cracks with high-performance materials results in a significant extension of the service life of a structure.

SCHOMBURG provides a one-stop-shop solution with AQUAFIN-P resins, AQUAFIN-CJ hoses as well as thermoplastic swellable waterstop tapes for sealing joints during the construction phase. AQUAFIN-P resins are also best suited for post-applied injection of cracks and joints.

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Typical applications

  • Waterproofing of construction joints
  • Crack repair
  • Prevention of water penetration

General advantages

  • Repair material for cracks
  • For non-hydrostatic and hydrostatic conditions
  • Prevents water penetration

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PU injection resin for temporary crack sealing, foaming


PU injection resin for crack sealing

FIX 10-S

Stop cement, quick cement

FIX 20-T

Fast-setting, swellable waterproofing and tamping mortar

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