Concrete Precast

SCHOMBURG Group provides one-stop solutions for concrete admixture products including crystalline admixtures, reliable plasticisers, concrete liquefiers, mass hydrophobing agents or impregnations for concrete surfaces.

Self-healing power increased in precast elements

The BETOCRETE-C series product group is a crystalline concrete waterproofing additive that uses innovative and permanently active 2-in-1 technology and which is both hydrophobic and micro pore blocking admixture using crystal forming ingredients.

PURCRETE products are reliable plasticisers and concrete liquefiers for concrete goods. Our REMICRETE concrete superplasticisers have been specially developed for high technological demands on concrete.

REMIPHOB products are our latest generation of mass hydrophobic agents based on reactive silanes. Our perfectly formulated REMISIL impregnations are solvent-free treatment agents for concrete surfaces.

Typical applications

  • Tunnel segmental linings
  • Box girder bridges
  • Drainage pipes
  • Culverts
  • Beams and pillars

Advantages of SCHOMBURG solutions:

  • One-stop-shop solutions
  • Enhance durability of concrete goods
  • Facilitate dosing providing maximum reliability when mixing
  • High quality and perfectly formulated
  • 2-in-1 crystalline technology>

Discover the right products for your solutions


Concrete admixture with crystalline action and sealant


Concrete admixture with crystalline mode of action and corrosion inhibitor


Concrete admixture with crystalline action and sealant


Concrete admixture with crystalline mode of action and concrete plasticizer


Plasticizer and concrete liquefier


Superplasticizer for high performance concrete / SCC concrete


Highly concentrated admixture for the mass hydrophobization of cementitious building materials


Solvent free concrete impregnation

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