Construction joints and penetrations

SCHOMBURG offers a variety of solutions for making your construction joints more waterproof

Every possible solution for waterproofing your construction joint

We offer a variety of solutions for construction joints to meet your requirements. We offer solutions for water pressures up to 5 bar that have a wide range of applications.

AQUAFIN-CJ5 is a crystalline joint sheet. AQUAFIN-CJ6 is a swellable water-impermeable joint and ASO-TAPE is a surface sealing strip that is adheres with ASODUR-K4031.

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Typical applications

  • Waterproofing of construction joints
  • Used in waterproofing concrete standards
  • Makes construction joints more watertight

General advantages

  • Seals construction joints up to pressures of 5 bar
  • Certified according to German waterproofing standards
  • A variety of solutions to meet your individual needs

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Injection hose for sealing construction joints


Injection hose complete set for sealing construction joints


Bentonite swelling joint tape with rain protection for sealing construction joints


Crystalline metal waterstop for sealing construction joints


Swellable joint waterstop


Thermoplastic joint tape for sealing construction and movement joints

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